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Tax Law Lawyer in Boise, ID

A tax law attorney is a valuable resource in many situations. Whether you have to navigate the confusing tax laws or communicate with the IRS, an attorney from Justice Law Idaho can help. We have years of experience with tax law and can help you with your tax case in Boise, ID.

When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

You can benefit from tax attorney services in a variety of scenarios.

IRS Issues

One of the most common situations a tax lawyer can help with is when you have a problem with the IRS. This can be in the form of a lawsuit you are bringing against them or an investigation they are conducting on you or your business. No matter the case, an experienced tax law lawyer is crucial.

Tax laws can be complicated, and dealing with the IRS can be risky. Our legal experience will guide you and make sure you receive the best outcome possible from the lawsuit or investigation.

New Business

Part of starting a new business is ensuring you set up your business to comply with all applicable tax laws. However, the laws are different depending on the type of entity. Rather than spend your valuable time researching and trying to understand the applicable tax laws, let us do what we do best.

We can explain all your business options and the laws that apply so that you can feel confident that your business will be able to avoid tax problems in the future.

Taxable Estate

Estate planning is a separate legal area, but the taxable part of your estate falls in the tax law category. We’ll help you understand the value of your estate and how much tax you’ll need to pay on it. We can also help you reduce your tax liability and handle property liens.

For over 35 years of legal experience, turn to our lawyers today. Call us at (208) 375-9203.

Tax law attorney in Boise, Idaho
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