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Have you decided to divorce your spouse? We understand that this might be an emotional and stressful time for you. Let us help you understand everything you need to do to successfully manage your divorce. Speak to our divorce attorney today at Justice Law Idaho in Boise, ID.

We Help With All the Details


Many divorces need a lot of details to sort through, so allow us to help you with every aspect of them. We can help with:

  • Property distribution: Idaho is a community property state. That means that each spouse usually obtains a 50/50 division of any property and assets obtained during the marriage. We’ll help you understand what you can rightfully obtain.

  • Spousal support: Whether you’re in the position of paying or receiving alimony, we’ll help you understand your exact position and what your legal rights are regarding spousal support.

  • Child custody: If you and your spouse have children, we’ll educate you on the exact rights you and your children have, as well as what the various custody agreements are that you can arrange for.

  • Child support: Whether you need child support or need to provide it, we’ll help you understand the exact factors that go into determining this, as well as what your legal position is.


Whatever aspect of divorce you need help with, whether for one or all of them, rest assured that Justice Law Idaho is your advocate every step of the way.

We Want to Help You


With over 35 years of legal experience, our divorce lawyer can provide the quality service you need. We are happy to sit down with you, help you understand all the ins and outs of Idaho divorce law, and answer your questions and concerns as you navigate this difficult time.

Please book your consultation or call us at (208) 375-9203 today.

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