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Divorce Attorney in Boise, ID

If you’ve decided that your best option is to divorce your spouse, make sure you have a divorce law attorney on your side. The team at Justice Law Idaho provides divorce services in and around Boise, ID, to ensure that you get fair treatment throughout the proceedings.

How We Help You

Our lawyers are well versed in family law and the specific aspects that apply to divorce. We assist you whether you have children or not and whether the divorce is amicable or not. You can trust our firm to educate you on the process and always keep your best interests in mind during this emotional time. With us, you’ll understand what is happening legally and how it will affect you and your family.

A lot of hard work goes into a divorce. It comes with a lot of paperwork and meetings, all while you have to determine things like where you’ll live or how you’ll continue to support yourself. When you work with us, you can focus on the personal things and we’ll focus on the legal ones. This way, the divorce will be as stress-free as possible for you while having no unnecessary delays.

Why Use an Attorney

You want to ensure that your divorce proceeds in a fair and unbiased direction. The best way to do that is by using a divorce lawyer. Our team will ensure that all of the divorce proceedings and documents are proper and fair towards you. We are especially helpful with emotional topics like alimony, child custody and support, and property divorce.

Make sure that you’re in a good position with a divorce attorney from Justice Law Idaho. Call us at (208) 375‑9203 to book a consultation. The first 15 minutes are free, and we’ll help you understand exactly how we would assist you.

Divorce attorney in Boise, Idaho
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