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Family Law Attorney in Boise, ID

Family law issues can be complex and emotional, so allow us to help you through the intricacies of family law so that everyone involved gets the best solution possible. Our family law attorney, Larry M Dunn, is experienced with over 35 years of practicing law in Boise, ID.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

As mentioned above, family law can be complicated as a family works through complex and often stressful issues. A family law attorney is extremely important to have during this crucial time.

A family law attorney provides impartial views, based on their legal knowledge, that the parties they work to assist might not be able to see. Additionally, a family law lawyer can offer emotional support that their client can turn to during this time.

However, the most key element of a good family law attorney is their legal knowledge. You may be unsure of what your rights are, especially with important elements such as child custody or spousal support, but our family law attorney can educate you on those.

Whatever help you need from us, Justice Law Idaho is here for you. We'll help you through this difficult time both legally and emotionally. Get in touch today with us in Boise, ID.

How Can You Get in Touch With Us?


If you want to schedule a consultation, please either book online or call us at (208) 375-9203. We want to help you achieve success with whatever family legal issue you have. Make sure to ask about our military discounts. If you want to speak to a capable family law lawyer, Justice Law Idaho is here for you.

Family law attorney in Boise, Idaho
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